Welcome to Thrive!

We’re so glad you’ve found us!

Thrive is a modern community meeting at Hueytown First United Methodist Church (UMC) that exists to help people do 4 things:

  1. Connect to each other

  2. Celebrate the grace and joy we can find in Jesus

  3. Cultivate a deeper and fuller life

  4. Contribute to something far bigger than ourselves

We’re called Thrive because we believe that, through living a life alongside Jesus, we can live the best version of ourselves now. And that message of Jesus is for everybody, no matter what you’ve done or who told you you’d never fit in. We hope you’ll join us as we travel on this journey toward this Thriving life!

What To Expect On Sundays

Nobody loves surprises, especially when it comes to church, so we want to make things easy.

Modern Music

Our worship team is passionate about leading people into impactful experiences through singing together. We think that in our modern time we need a modern expression of our thanks to God - that's what worship is.  You may sing songs by the writers at Bethel, Hillsong, Housefires, and some that we've written as our own local expression.

Casual Atmosphere

At Thrive, we'd love for you to feel comfortable as you are. We try not to pay much attention to how other people look because the purpose of our gatherings is engaging on a heart-level.  You don’t have to try to impress Jesus for Him to care about you, so why would we force anybody to dress a certain way? Just be yourself!                                                                                                                                         

Practical teaching

We believe that our purpose in life is to grow close to God through Jesus and to help change the world.  At Thrive, we look to the Bible for practical guidance in our lives.  Through scripture and following Jesus we believe we can find purpose in life, hope for tomorrow, redemption of broken relationships, and forgiveness for our past. 

Will There Be Coffee?

You bet we'll have some coffee!

Coffee is one of the greatest gifts from God and we'd like to get you a cup, on the house. If you prefer tea, we can work that out too.  Sometimes we have some sweet snacks available too! Just see our friendly servers in the Heritage Sanctuary.

When and where we meet

Sunday Gatherings - 11:11am - Heritage Sanctuary

110 Sunset Drive, Hueytown AL

Park and enter on the West Entrance. It’s around the backside of the building off of Sunset Drive. Look for the green flags by a door and greeters in green shirts.

Serve Sundays

Every 3rd Sunday of the month will be a Thrive Serve Sunday. Instead of our normal Sunday gathering, we’ll be spending time in the community putting our faith into practice. Everyone is welcome and it’ll be a great time to serve for the whole family. We believe that it’s our duty to bless those around us because of the blessing that’s been given to us. So, we’re going to spend intentional time together serving others and having fun. Check out our Facebook Group (Thrive Hueytown Community) for up-to-date information.

We are real and down-to-earth.

We’ve mentioned that we exist to help people walk through our 4 C’s - Connecting, Celebrating, Cultivating, and Contributing - but there’s more to us than that. Thrive was birthed out of an awareness that certain people in our community weren’t being reached, and that wasn’t alright with us. So, we exist to fully welcome folks who wouldn’t ever consider themselves “churchy.” Being “churchy” isn’t bad, there are just plenty of churches for churchy people, but we didn’t see many churches for folks like us. We want something real and down-to-earth.

We’re led by young adults because we believe in our young leaders. So many young people are turning away from churches and we believe that’s an unnecessary loss. So many of us are ready to get our hands dirty and we’re often told we need to wait our turn. We believe our time, your time, is now. We focus on practical teaching because we have so many years ahead of us. We want to make the best of those years. We want our lives to mean something now, and we believe Jesus offers us that.

We also recognize there’s a large, and growing, group of people who’ve been hurt by churches for one reason or another. Trust us when we say that we have too. Many of us haven’t felt like we could belong in a church, even though we saw Jesus as a perfect person to belong with. So, we want to do something about that and create a place for the rest of us - the cynics, the doubters, folks who are looking for more.

We believe that the Church should be a place of healing, so we want to be a part of that healing process. Everybody’s welcome and included here, no matter what. Really - no matter what - because it’s Jesus’ church, not ours. We don’t get to the bouncers because Jesus is throwing the party and we’re all invited!

For more about what we really care about, click the button below.


Thrive Worship

What is “worship” anyway?

When we talk about worship, a lot of people think about music or singing. In reality Worship is far more than that - it’s a way of living a life with Jesus. But, songs are important for shaping that life. If we lived out the words that we sing on Sundays, we’d be living a life of worship.

Since worship is a way of living, we don’t want the experience to stop on Sunday at noon. We’ve put together some playlists of songs to help people stay connected to a worshipping life during the week. You can follow those playlists on Spotify at “ThriveHueytown” - it’s even free on desktops and tablets!

Here are some of the songs you'll hear at Thrive



What If I Have Kids?

We Want Your Kids to Love Church

That's why we're committed to creating safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant and age-appropriate kids services.  

Checking in

When you arrive, look for our Kids Check-In Stations in the East or West lobby where one of our friendly team members will help you check in your child.  You and your child will receive personalized, coordinating ID tags unique to your family and your visit, which you will show after the service to pick up your child.  If you lose your ID tag, you will be required to show your Driver's License in its place.

At check-in, we will ask for the following information: Family member's names, children's names and birth dates, address, phone number, and any special instructions such as allergies or special needs for your children.  You can also use the link below to pre-register your child online before arrival.

Sunday Children's Programming

We provide nursery care and children's programming during both our Traditional and Thrive services.  We also offer children's Sunday School at 9am.


The Rainbow Room - Nursery for children Birth to 3 years

The Clubhouse - Children age 3-6

Thrive Kids - Children age 7 through 5th grade


Our Serve Team

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

No service, much less church can run without the buy-in and participation of passionate, energized people - this is our Serve Team.

If you'd like to take your next step toward joining our Serve Team, please fill out this form and a ministry team lead will contact you with information for an upcoming Next Steps class.

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