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a collective of musicians, worship leaders, artists, writers, creatives, and techs gathered around our Thrive modern worship service.  We hope you'll join us at 11am on Sundays in our Heritage Sanctuary for an engaging experience together.  We love expressing our thanks to God through music, video, graphic design, and other arts.  

Find us on Instagram  @HueytownUMC and Facebook at Hueytown First UMC to keep up to date on worship nights, new music, and training events.  You can also keep up with songs we sing at Thrive on Spotify at ThriveHueytown.  

Our Manifesto

These are our core values and who we are - our Manifesto


We are worshippers marked by the presence of God

We know that there’s nothing like the presence of God, and this is our primary pursuit and purpose.  We are committed to worship together and privately.  

We love and worship Jesus above everything else

We worship Jesus because he made a way for us to have a relationship with God.  Because of this, we worship Jesus with everything we have in every part of our life as well as we can.


We are committed to each other

We could do this journey alone, but we are committed to each other - for better or worse.  We show each other the same grace we’d like for ourselves.  We are committed to private preparation and for rehearsals and are on time so that it can be a productive experience for everyone involved.  When one of us succeeds, we all succeed and we are committed to being each other's’ biggest fans.  

We choose service over celebrity

It is a privilege, not a right, to serve our church community.  We know that without us, God would still get his ministry done, so we are encouraged by the opportunity to use our unique gifts and passions to bless our community together.  


We are committed to spiritual and musical growth

None of us has arrived.  We continually grow in our spiritual lives through small groups, classes, conferences, and personal study.  We grow in our musical skill through private lessons, private practice, and through coaching relationships in our worship community.  

We are a community of coaches and mentors

Nobody is “self-made,” we’ve all had people champion us at some point in our lives.  We are responsible to encourage each other and mentor people both in musical excellence and spiritual development.  

We are not moved by applause or criticism

When we are praised we gladly accept and send the praise to the God who gave us the gift.  When we are criticized, we graciously receive it and seek to glean the best from it.  Our worth is not equal to the product we bring.

We pursue excellence in everything we do

As if unto God, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our craft, our skills, and our spiritual lives.  


Interested in joining Thrive Worship?

Whether you play an instrument, sing, or want to learn aspects of worship tech, there's always room in Thrive Worship.  To begin our audition process, please fill out our involvement questionnaire and someone will be in touch with you shortly to schedule an audition or training.  

For your audition, you'll be given 2-3 songs to prepare and play or sing and will be given feedback on both your areas of potential strength and potential growth.  

After your audition or training you will be given next steps either to join a ministry team or to take opportunities for lessons and/or further development.  

For questions or more information, contact Jeremiah Toole at

Jeremiah Toole   Thrive Worship, Youth Worship Director  Media & Technology Director

Jeremiah Toole

Thrive Worship, Youth Worship Director

Media & Technology Director