Communications and Tech Request Form

Please use this form for all graphic, social media, announcement, and event technology requests.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for turnaround and more time for some projects.  The earlier your ministry can request, the easier it will be to fulfill your request.

Please fill out all information you can, to the best of your knowledge


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What's the information, who's your target audience, where's the event, etc?
Example: Large All-Church events (Egg Hunt, Trunk-Or-Treat, Meet Your Neighbor) usually get 3-4 weeks promotion before the event. Volunteer service projects & opportunities usually begin 6-8 weeks before an event to give time to sign up.
We understand that we can promote our event in the chuch Facebook group and that personal invitations are always the strongest form of promotion. We also understand that priority will be given to large community service opportunities, church-wide seasonal pushes for discipleship, and large special events and understand that all events and ministries will not be promoted in the same way. *