Vision of the United Methodist Church

The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision

God’s Calling

“We believe God is leading us to transform the Hueytown Community and beyond by making disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Our Mission

How We Answer God’s Call

“We believe God is calling us to fulfill our Vision by helping people CONNECT, CELEBRATE, CULTIVATE, and CONTRIBUTE.”

Our Core Values

The Qualities we Seek to live by

“We believe our mission and vision call us to live out these core values:

  • Be Outwardly Focused

  • Be A Community Of Grace

  • Be Intentionally Growing

  • Choose To Trust And Serve

 (Vision, Mission, Core Values adopted Jan 13, 2019 by the Hueytown First UMC Board of Stewards)

How Do I Grow With Jesus?

4 C's - Discipleship Cycle transparent.png

Our Missional “4 C’s” to Connect, Celebrate, Cultivate, and Contribute are the markers we see in the thriving life of a Jesus-follower. In the church, we call this process and journey “Discipleship” - the actions we take to become more like Jesus. It is our mission to help people make meaningful Connections to those around them - those in the community and in the universal Church. Through a life of Celebration, in and out of worship gatherings, we grow closer to the heart of Jesus.

It’s in Cultivating that we partner with the Holy Spirit to do the job of digging, , preparing, and planting to empower us to live our best life here and now. It’s finally in a life of Contribution that we are able to fully live out the call of Jesus. We see that, while we are all created with unique gifts for unique purposes, we can’t find true fullness until we begin to pour out the blessings we’ve been given on others and in the life of the local church. When we give our time (our most costly asset), our talents, our skills, abilities, and finances to Kingdom work we can start to be a part of a world far greater than the sum of the parts. When followers of Jesus join together in mission to bring others on this journey, we are fulfilling the primary goal of the global Church for the past 2,000 years.

If you’re looking for a place to start, look for ways to connect to a local church and people there. Then go deeper through joining a small group, study, or Sunday school class. Then find a way to plug into serving in and outside the local church to utilize your unique set of gifts and talents. If you’ve been following Jesus for a while, look for new ways to connect with those outside the church - to make the communities you’re already a part of more connected to Jesus. For many of us who’ve followed Jesus for some years, the best place to go deeper is to begin again at Connecting outside our church family to bring others along on the journey with us.

4 C's - 4 Quadrants transparent.png

If you’ve felt stuck in your life with Jesus, or are curious about starting the journey, first of all know that you’re not alone. We are all on this journey together, and none of us have everything figured out. We’d encourage you to consider these “4 C’s” of Connecting, Celebrating, Cultivating, and Contributing to see where you think you might need to focus for a season. None of these areas are greater than the others, but we believe Jesus calls us to develop in all these areas of our lives. If you’d like to join us in this challenge we’ve created a list of questions to help become a catalyst for growth. To see the “4 C’s Challenge” click the button below.

For over 90 years Hueytown First UMC has been in ministry in Hueytown, Alabama.  For more information about our history, please click the button below.